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Working with Government Owners/Reps, CornerCube improves risk management, project oversight, and work execution to achieve better Program delivery outcomes. This is accomplished by increasing visibility, accountability, and integration of stakeholders throughout the delivery process. We do this through implementation of methodologies, processes and tools that enable your organization and your contractors to optimize the planning and control of work execution throughout the delivery life cycle. It's not about directing the work but effectively managing and controlling how the work is planned and executed.

Recognizing the uniqueness of all Programs and Project, we assist our owner customers in better definition and communication of mission requirements and objectives; and co-create, configure, deploy, and support Production Optimization Solutions. These solutions apply advanced production management knowledge, methodologies and technical solutions, specific to project based environments, based on lean principles to improve process, product and supply chain management. Our solutions do not replace program and project management, they enhance it.

Our offerings include:

  • Program Definition, Planning, and Control: Assist in closing the gap between project scheduling and effective production planning and control by using methods and enabling tools that better manage production, reduce variability, increase reliability and improves project performance. Identify customer and stakeholder requirements along with applicable and local conditions and integrate, prioritize and translate these requirements and their relationships into robust production plans using production planning process on how work is planned, committed, executed, and controlled to improve workflow, synchronization, transparency and accountability from program through design and construction to final user transitions into their new facilities.

  • BIM Integration & Design Process Optimization: Work with customer's design, engineering, contractor and trade partners to integrate design information with production requirements (design for production and manufacturing) through early involvement of specialists; create and assist collaborative cross functional teams; implement methodologies and tools to improve the planning, production and management of design; create digital prototypes using Building Information Models (BIM) for effective Product Data Management; and enable more effective technical coordination to ensure constructability, design, life cycle, fabrication, production and other important product design issues and opportunities are appropriately addressed early prior to release for construction.

  • Production and Supply Chain Optimization for final Assembly / Construction: Work with customer's contractor, design, engineering, and trade partners in applying lean production systems to create solutions that improve site operations, procurement, fabrication and logistics. Implementations using this new approach, fundamentally different from conventional approaches, improve production through effective collaboration, robust planning and a reliable system of controls to achieve the highest quality programs. Improvements are achieved using cross-functional teams, implementing effective methodologies and tools, leveraging digital prototypes using Building Information Models (BIM), focusing on workflow and developing meaningful work packages.

  • Oversight and Transition Optimization Services: Provide real time oversight on programs to better ensure that stakeholders and project participants achieve customer goals. By applying definition, design and production principles, along with use of robust tools synchronized with construction activities, we assist in managing the transition and complex movement of departments from existing locations to new, temporary or permanent spaces. Additionally, we assist in coordinating logistics to ensure that the relocation, setting up and train of personnel to ensure seamless transition, proper validation of equipment and materials; ensuring certification requirements are considered; commissioning of spaces for proper turnover; and ensure proper consideration of new equipment and new operation procedures.

  • Enabling Software Tools: Work with clients to define the supporting tools that provide the best integrated production optimization solution for delivery of their program. Software solutions may include Production Management tools, 3D/XD Building Information Modeling software, Laser Scanning systems, Document Management tools and more.

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