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Scope of Work:

  • New construction and renovation of underground railway station and tunnel structure around operating trains (London, England)


  • Challenging time frame to meet “shut down” scheduled in advance of planned construction with huge liquidated damages
  • No room for error with tight building conditions
  • No time for rework of design or construction related issues


  • Achieved all major milestones
  • Improved productivity rates from 28% to 89% in specific areas
  • Reduced the number of planned shifts from 360 to 90
  • Avoided costly rework and delays through simulated operations and the correction of design issues using 3D modeling
  • Incident and injury free working environment
  • Avoided liquidated damages
  • Used 3D models to design prototypes in collaboration with construction teams to validate the system of installation
  • Preassembly strategy adopted with deliveries linked to production on site
  • Identify and resolved daily issues typical of underground construction
  • Significant savings through the Synchronized planning and delivery of concrete

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