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Scope of Work:

  • Railway shutdown to install new pre-fabricated tunnel, deck & sewer diversion structures (London, England)


  • Installation over existing railway
  • Trains in operation during pre-installation work
  • Significant demolition required to create tunnel opening and remove temporary crash deck
  • 51 hour installation schedule considered impossible
  • Liquidated damages for schedule delays over $500,000 per day
  • Heavy scrutiny by rail authorities
  • Install seven pre-cast deck sections, and heavy plate girders and beams weighing up to 105 tons


  • Completed work ahead of schedule in 37 hours
  • Avoided liquidated damages
  • Achieved no lost time accidents
  • Avoided costly rework and delays through simulation of operations and correction of significant design issues discovered early using 3D modeling
  • Client fully involved in the process

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