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Scope of Work:

  • Design / build retail, commercial & residential complex (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Project Budget - $1 billion


  • Create 3D model solution to support production and design changes
  • Manage 18 unique & complex building designs
  • Incorporate outstanding Owner design requirements
  • Discovery that project design was incomplete after construction had begun
  • Extensive field modifications
      • insufficient design information
      • continuous design changes
      • design incompatible with fabrication and installation requirements


  • Reduced cost of construction and avoided potentially millions of dollars in claims
  • Created sustainable capacity to produce detailed 3D models for design and production
  • 3D modeling changes made in-house reduced the design turnaround time by weeks
  • Implemented rapid redesign process that facilitated construction operations
  • Owner gained confidence that required design changes could be made using 3D capability in a more effective and timely manner to support operations
  • Created collaboration center that:
      • improved communication between stakeholders
      • improved production operations
      • led to early discovery and resolution of design errors
      • led to increased productivity and accuracy of installation
      • enabled better design and construction decisions to be made

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