Value - Performance - Sustainability  
Delivering better outcomes to capital programs      

Scope of Work:

  • New, renovation and expansion of existing military hospitals (San Antonio, Texas)
  • Provide studies for implementing a Lean Project Delivery (LPD) Program including managing market conditions, logistics management and improving management of design for the San Antonio Medical BRAC Program
  • Project Budget - $2.4 billion


  • “Fear of the unknown” - getting the integration team to embrace the uncertainty of achieving success using something new, with the certainty that there is no additional funding if a project fails
  • Empower the integration team to secure the expertise and support resource to further define the LPD vision and associated objectives
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to study the feasibility of implementing LPD and to identify, plan and resolve potential constraints
  • Retain knowledge from all key learning and make available to other BRAC projects seeking to implement LPD to generate greater value from their programs


  • Recommended a system for the delivery and management of capital assets
  • Recommendations on Managing Market Conditions
    • Map the value stream for major material and supply streams
    • Analyze the value stream and determine opportunities for improvement
    • Model a future state based on improvement opportunities
    • Implement the future state when possible under the constraints of DoD requirements
  • Recommendations on improving Management of Design
    • Implement “target costing” and design to those costs
    • Map the “allowable design space” prior to the start of design work
    • Build a detailed 3D model that includes the main assets of the project
    • Use a weekly “Digital Build” to monitor design progress, enhance decision making and better coordinate planning
  • Recommendations for Logistics Management
    • Evaluate the use of logistic centers with dedicated transportation to improve the flow of deliveries to the site and mitigate potential security threats
    • Deploy web based production management system to synchronize supply with site demand

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